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Our Gardena Dental Practice Brings All Dental Specialists Under One Roof!

Welcome to South Bay Dentistry & Orthodontics where all your dental specialists are under one roof. We offer a full range of dental services as well as free dental consultations to all our new patients. As the top dentists in the South Bay with over 25 years of experience, we offer our services to the residents of Los Angeles, Gardena, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Redondo Beach, Carson, and Lawndale.

Imagine getting your check-up with your neighborhood South Bay dentist while your child is evaluated for braces, your dad is finally getting the root canal he's needed, and grandmother is getting her dentures permanently attached with dental implants. Now imagine all these services happening at the same Los Angeles dental office.

South Bay Dentistry and Orthodontics is a unique office that works hard every day to be your dental home. How do we do it? By leaving no stone unturned. We offer just about every different type of dental service at our office. We even handcraft our own restorations at our in-house dental lab and offer an in-house dental plan for patients that may need help with financial arrangements.

To get the best oral health, you don't have to deal with multiple offices, labs, or tons of different paperwork. Just make one call to our office to get started on the smile and oral health you deserve.

Experience the Difference. One Office for Your Complete Oral Health.

Your smile is unique and requires special treatment and attention, different from any other patient. Because dental care should be tailored to each individual patient, our doctors and staff work together to design your treatment plan, keeping all your goals and best interests in mind. And with multiple specialists collaborating together under one roof, our team has better control of your oral health, ensuring you the best possible outcome.

South Bay Dentistry offers:

Cosmetic Makeovers – Teeth and gums play an intricate part in the shape of the face. Missing teeth leads to sunken facial structure and premature wrinkles. Our team of specialists will change your aesthetic look, fill cavities, replace teeth, close gaps, whiten your teeth and restore gum health. Improve your dental image and you will improve your life emotionally.

Healthy Bite – Regular visits with our skilled hygienists will help keep your teeth healthy. Problem areas caught in the initial stages limit the need for extensive dental work. Preventative measures promote a healthy bite to keep you looking younger and feeling good.

Orthodontics – Correct dental concerns as well as any aesthetic ones. Choose from the latest technology (Invisalign), self-litigation braces or our teen orientated “Color Me Braces” program.

Periodontics – The soft tissue surrounding your teeth plays an important role in oral health. Reverse the damage of gingivitis, deep cleaning or soft tissue laser surgery. High-end technology accompanied by specialized doctors will correct dental and aesthetic problems.

Master Technician – With Davinci experience, our master technician and state of the art technological lab completes dental orders with a natural finished look.

Sedation – Don’t let phobias keep you from the dentist. We have solutions to ease your nerves, diminish pain and put you to sleep as needed. Your emotional and physical well-being is important to the South Bay Dentistry staff.

Surgery - Oral surgery completed in-house. There is never a need to send you out of the office for dental work of any kind.
With a staff filled with exceptional professionals, you will find answers and solutions to all your questions and concerns. Patients fill out forms and schedule appointments online to avoid unnecessary time spent at the office. Instead of long waits, our patients enjoy brief waiting periods with refreshments; choose from an assortment of hot or cold beverages and sugar-free cookies.

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South Bay Dentistry & Orthodontics serves the communities of South Bay including the cities of Gardena, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Torrance, Redondo Beach and Carson. South Bay Dentistry is your dental home. Schedule online or call for an appointment today.

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